How can TV News Strategy help you understand more?

I am sure that many of your interests include keeping up to date with current news and other events. So why not get started with the news in the foreign language you are learning?

Watching TV news on a regular basis can really help with learning and comprehension of foreign languages. When learning Spanish, I used to follow my TV News strategy. I started my Spanish learning with 24Horas, and their News (link can be found online). It was initially difficult to grasp all the information. I will be honest and say that I struggled to comprehend the first week. But as I grew in vocabulary and grammar, I was able to grasp more.

When we watch television, we hear more than what we understand. It’s possible to get over it by watching all of the news broadcast and then go back to the difficult parts to see them again. You shouldn’t be discouraged if news pieces are presented in a rapid pace. This is very common with Italian and Spanish news. The presenters are known for speaking fast. Begin to watch news by asking basic questions about the news such as where, when, who, why, how and what it is.

Major TV news networks broadcast news and other world events. To gain an understanding of what is going on around the world, you can follow news in your local language. This knowledge will allow you to better understand current events and reduce anxiety when watching news in your target language.

Yep! It’s easy! Well, you can search your television channel and pick any News Service that interests you.

Is there any benefit to watching TV news? So, what are the benefits for me?

Another advantage is that news allows you to get used to the sounds and accents of foreign languages. Following the news will allow you to hear from speakers and announcers that have excellent pronunciation and diction. Additionally, you will get an overview of what is happening in the country where your chosen language is spoken.

TV news usually has news tickers. Also known as “crawler”, “slide”, these are the TV news channels’ lower thirds dedicated to showing headlines and news pieces. The news tickers are often different between stations. Sky News uses a ticker that is black with white text for its entire broadcast day. This ticker displays breaking news in yellow text.

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