Fiberglass Flagpoles – The Benefits

Fiberglass flagpoles have a long life span, are very versatile and strong. Fiberglass flagpoles are not susceptible to electricity and lightning is not a problem. Fiberglass poles will not corrode in extreme weather or near saltwater. Fiberglass poles can resist scratching and soiling better than wood, learn more here.

Fiberglass flagpoles may be up to eighty feet high. They are suitable for residential and commercial use, but come in one color: White. A manufacturer can arrange a different color. However, paint will not stick to fiberglass well if it hasn’t been weatherproof coated. It is possible to have to repaint it after a few more years.

Fiberglass flagpoles are just as aluminum in that they come with an external or internal safety halyard. This is the rope and pulley system that raises and lowers the flag. External halyards may be more costly, but they are generally less vulnerable to vandalism. Because all moving parts are within the pole and only accessible through a special winch or handle, internal halyards will not break down.

Inground fiberglass flagpoles should be grounded in concrete and groundleeve foundations, just like any other material. Concrete is extremely corrosive and must not touch fiberglass poles.